Sharing From Students

mr-zhu 1st Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2014 (Choo Tze Liang, Disted College)

This is really a good one. During this camp, I have gained spiritual growth and also learnt to change my perspective of things as well as hold on to the values that are important in life. I strongly believe that by holding on to the right principles and values, I will embrace success regardless of whatever industry I choose to delve in.

mr-lee 1st Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2014 (Lee Kah Hean, Disted College)

The objective of this training camp is very inspiring. The Baba team is truly a very united team. I could feel the positive energy permeate the atmosphere and influence the people around me. I have learnt the value of gratitude and empowered to move forward with courage when faced with any difficulties in the future.

mr-liang 1st Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2014 (Leong Lap Yan, UTAR)

I am an undergraduate specialising in green engineering and I am not ashamed to say that I am sceptical about the future. Fortunately, I found the answer during this training camp and I am finally starting to feel hopeful for our future. I am really thankful to Baba for their enthusiastic efforts in environmental protection.

ms-hew 2nd Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2015 (Hew Yee Lim,USM)

I would like to use the word “blissful” to describe my experience for the 3 days and 2 nights’ trip with Baba. Everyone got along very well and the encouragement I had received from friends around me had given me a tremendous boost of positive energy. It has allowed me to learn about achieving my own state of blissfulness as well as taught me how to live blissfully even when I encounter hardship.

mr-yap 2nd Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2015 (Yap Yong Teck,UUM)

The camp has benefited me a lot. It has inspired me to continue investing in myself while at the same time, taught me how to start planning for my life.

ms-lim 2nd Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2015 (Lim Zhi Xuan,Han Chiang College)

This camp let me learned a lot of real information, get a lot of the case study, it lets me be well prepared for future life.

Untitled-1 3rd Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2016 (Ng Yuin Heng , UKM)

This camp totally exceeds my expectation! I learnt to have a grateful heart in facing all things in life. The unselfish attitude of Baba’s volunteers deeply inspired and moved me. Thank you!

Untitled-8 3rd Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2016 (Oon See Kha , UMK)

This camp is just great! I learnt how to contribute and to do even better in my future undertakings. I believe that the struggle will only last for a while and not for my whole life.

Untitled-3 3rd Entrepreneur Camp, Year 2016 (Ong Chun Wei , UTAR)

This camp helps me realize and break through myself. I also managed to better understand myself and found out that my attitude towards life is also very important.

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