Company History

Kean Beng Lee was incorporated in 1980 from humble beginnings in a semi-wooden terrace house with only a second-hand plastic moulding and injection machine and two employees. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers in gardening supplies under our trademark “Baba”, which also happens to be the first brand in the horticultural industry that emerged in the market back then. Through the years, we have continuously striven to become the best in providing premium quality products and professional service to our customers and gardening enthusiasts in general.

Beyond Malaysia, Baba’s products are easily found in more than 30 countries across the globe, from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, to Central America, North America and South America. Additionally, our products are also registered and trademarked in more than 30 countries. We pride ourselves in producing a variety of innovative and high quality gardening supplies with more than 40 patented designs.

Recently, Baba has also become actively involved in promoting environment-friendly planting. Towards this end, we have become the first company in Malaysia to spearhead the promotion of organic certification of non-governmental organisations in the country. Furthermore, in order to guide consumers in identifying the authenticity of environment-friendly products, we also provide a platform for organic growers to employ sustainable practices that contribute to a green Earth.

In the past, Baba has won numerous recognition and awards for outstanding performance, including twice for the Enterprise 50 Award Programme, twice for the SMI – Brand Builders Award, twice for the Golden Bull Award as well as an award from Superbrands Malaysia.


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